HYDRO 1000+ is not your typical moisturizer. It really makes a difference in my skin! My face feels smoother and tighter and it glows!  The EYE WORK is amazing! Nothing I have ever used makes the crepe skin on my eye lids is softer and less puffy.  XTREME 100% Squalane has reduced the depth of my wrinkles like no other product I have ever used!  The Luxury Whipped Body Butter,  makes my elbows and hands soft without leaving them greasy.  I love all these products and really they are making an amazing difference in my skin. Thank you for creating such remarkable facial products!!!

Victoria D., Pittsburg, PA


Peptide Max is a game changer!
Love, love, love Peptide Max. I use it every morning and evening. It's a must for softening the fine lines around my eyes and mouth! A little goes a long way! I recently had a facial and the esthetician told me how obvious it was that I take good care of my skin and she wouldn't change a thing on the products I am using. 
Hydro 1000+ and Lipid Defense together = AMAZING!
Half of a pump of Hydro 1000+ and Lipid Defense creates the most luxurious, silky smooth moisturizer ever! It glides right on my skin and absorbs quickly! My skin feels hydrated and super soft all day long!

Charlotte C., Franklin, TN


I had to drop you a note to let you know that I am loving the new Peak 10 Skin products. As a patient who suffers from Sjogren’s Syndrome and severely dry skin, I am always in search of effective skin care products. I really love the combo serum treatments of the Hydro 1000+ & Lipid Defense mixed together. The mixture truly feels amazing on my skin.

I have also fallen in love with the Black Diamond Moisture Repair Skin Cream. The rich consistency of the cream is helping to hydrate my skin for a much longer period of time than any other product I have ever found.  I am really loving the effects of the Oxygen Diffusing Mask also.

Because of my on-going Sjogren’s and its moisture-robbing side effects, I did not expect that I could improve the condition of my skin. In fact, I had pretty much given up. But I am happy to report that I have had some very obvious and positive changes in my skin.  There may not be a cure for my Sjogren’s Syndrome, but at least I’ve discovered Peak 10 Skin, to improve my skin!

Sandy B., Pittsburg, PA


 “I am so enjoying the benefits of Peak 10 Skin products. Connie Elder is not only passionate about skincare she also really knows her stuff! Connie’s products are packed with the effective, active ingredients we all want, without the useless fillers.”

Claire R., Nashville, TN



My skin has not looked this good in years! I absolutely love this new line of PEAK 10 SKIN. My favorite is the Peptide Max Serum. After cleansing with the foam cleaner, I apply the serum which feels luxurious on my skin. You only need a little but the results are totally noticeable when you look in the mirror! I rotate the PEAK PERFORMANCE moisturizer with the BLACK DIAMOND moisturizer. Within a couple weeks I noticed a significant difference.

Sheridan A., Hermitage, TN


"AMAZING PRODUCTS THAT ARE BASED ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.  Thank you for bringing these products to everyday women at a great price.  As a nurse, the science is important to me.”

“I looked for a product where hyaluronic serum was close to the top ingredient.  The only one I could find was HYDRO 1000+…
its pure hyaluronic acid.  Thank you for a great product that works.“

“I’ve tried many eye cream products.  Nothing compares to BLACK DIAMOND INTENSE EYE CREAM”


Derenda H., Nashville, TN

I’ve been using the skin care products by Connie Elder for over 8 years.  I felt lucky not really having any skin issues growing up, but
later in life my skin began to change.  As I grew older my skin became extremely dry with that weathered look.  I grew up in FL enjoying the beach and other sun loving activities.  And I’m an ex-smoker. 

After using some of the skin care products I saw an improvement with my skin almost immediately.  My skin had become so dry that I had to stop using my favorite makeup I had used for almost 15 years.  It was flaking around my eyes and other areas of my face so much that I was spending an enormous amount of time just trying to remove some of the dead/dry skin so that I could apply makeup.  I was embarrassed and out of my mind trying to figure out what to do.

I contacted Connie about this and like always she took her valuable time to speak with me.  She went through every product with me and we came up with a skin regimen. Once I began this regimen I truly could not believe the dramatic difference in my skin.  Immediately, the dead/dry skin began to just come off!  Honestly, I was shocked with the improvement of my skin. 

I now use PEAK 10 SKIN™ products faithfully every day.  Sometimes it almost feels like an addiction.  But, a good addiction.  I am such a fan of these products, but I’m also a huge fan of Connie Elder!  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Connie over the last 8 years and I feel very lucky to be able to call her my friend.

Connie truly cares about her customers and accepts nothing less than perfection from her products.  I know that if I have a question or just need to talk with Connie regarding her products that she will promptly answer my call, email or text.  We all know how rare that is today.  And for me, that’s just as important as the products themselves.

Every product performs as advertised, or exceeds expectations.  I’ve been trying some of the new products and love them just as much as the original products.

I would highly recommend anyone to use PEAK 10 SKIN™ products.  You will not be disappointed.

Robbin V – Mt. Juliet, TN



I have very dry skin due to Sjogren's Syndrome and have been relying on Connie Elder's skin care products for almost 10 years now.  The have really made a difference for my skin!  I love the enhancements they have made in the new line --PEAK 10 SKIN.  Some of my favorites include combining the HYDRO1000+ and LIPID DEFENSE serums to put on my face first, which feels terrific!  Then I like to follow with the HYDROXTREME moisturizing cream or sometimes the BLACK DIAMOND moisture repair cream.  This combination really works well for me. 

I also enjoy the GENTLE FOAM cleanser.  SAVE MY SOLE for my feet, Sun JOY SPF 30 for sun protection and the Luxury Whipped Body Butter for my body!  If I have questions about using a product, I ask Connie and get a helpful recommendation.  

Plus, I know she is focused on selecting healthy ingredients for her products that really benefit the skin, so I feel comfortable using her products. 

Sherree M -  Atlanta, GA (Sjogren's Patient)


When I started living on campus, showering using the chemically treated water, and being frequently being in the pool, my face broke out with red scaly patches on my cheeks and I developed dry flakes around the nose, but I was still experiencing oiliness.  Within mere days of starting to use PEAK 10 SKIN, simply using the two products, GENTLE FOAM CLEANSER and HYDRO 1000+ serum, that were recommended to me for my condition by the founder, my skin completely cleared up.  I also have had no acne breakouts.  I was amazed at how well the gentle cleanser and the light oil-free serum worked for my combination skin.  Thank you for a fantastic product. 


Michael D. - Port Richey, FL  (22 years old)



From the first day of using PEAK 10 SKIN products, my skin has felt nourished, soft and smooth to the touch.  I found it remarkable how the PEPTIDE MAX serum, EYE WORK, HYDROXTREME moisture cream and the luxury WHIPPED BODY BUTTER are readily absorbed into my eye area, face and body, as if in perfect balance with my skin's needs.  I always wait a few moments after application for the products to absorb into my skin, then my makeup applies in a beautiful matte finish.  My fine lines have dramatically diminished.  I have never experienced these kind of results in the past no matter what price I paid.  The overall performance of the regimen is extraordinary. 

After 6 weeks of using the EYE WORK, my darkness and puffiness under my eyes has diminished significantly. 

The light scent of WHIPPED BODY BUTTER is delightful.


Vicki D. - Port Richey, FL  (62 years of age)