Collection: Hydrating Body Products

It is important to use products with pure, clean and effective ingredients on your WHOLE body, not just your face.  Hydrated skin is stronger skin.  This is very important to remember as we age.  Keep in mind skin care is healthcare. 

Most people make a genuine effort to care for the skin on their face, but neglect the skin on their body. Your neck and hands can give away your age, despite the effort to keep your face looking young.  PEAK 10 SKIN® has high quality products for your entire body.  We believe it is important to maintain proper hydration for all of your skin.  We use some of the same ingredients that are in our facial products, in our body products!  If ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane are great for your face, then these ingredients are also great for your body. They provide a healthy level of hydration, maintain optimum integrity of the skin and a more youthful appearance. 

Treat yourself to our luxurious line of products that includes a hydrating body butter, foot cream, hand cream, lip balm and Black Diamond restore + protect oil that can multi-task for your face, eye area, cuticles, lips or even your hair or beard!