For optimum benefits and results we encourage you to be routine about our skin care regime.  As the saying goes…you will get out of it what you put into it!

Many of the basic PEAK 10 SKIN® products are labeled in STEPS 1-4, making it easy for you to know what order to use them.  In addition, we have various daily use products and PRN (as needed) products to complement and enhance the basic STEPS 1-4. 

FYI - Exfoliation is key to getting the most out of your skin care products.  Applying your products to fresh, clean, exfoliated skin will allow better penetration and results from the active ingredients in your product.

Recommended Skin Care Regime

STEP 1 – Cleanse

PEAK 10 SKIN® Gentle Foam or Gel Cleansers are just that…gentle, yet they will take off make-up including most eye make-up that isn’t waterproof.  They contains rose hips extract which also helps with cell regeneration.  Both are gentle, healthy and don't strip your skin leaving it dry like many cleansers.

STEP 2 – Repair & Treatment Serums

Always apply serums first to clean skin.  Serums will be absorbed into the skin and begin taking action to hydrate, repair and treat thirsty skin cells.  PEAK 10 SKIN® has several serums to choose from, depending on your skin condition and your desired results.

STEP 3 – Eye Creams & Treatments

Your eyes are the focal point of your face.  Be kind to your eye area and provide the nourishment it deserves.  The skin around your eyes is thin and therefore needs special attention.  Layer the eye cream or treatment you choose after the serum by patting gently with your ring finger.  You may want a lighter cream for day and a heavier more intense treatment for night or you can use the same one both day and night. You may find it beneficial to use a different eye cream depending on the season.

STEP 4 - Moisturizing - Hydrating Creams & Oils 

This step is very important to provide added hydration and protection to the skin from moisture loss.  Each PEAK 10 SKIN® moisturizer will hydrate and help to seal in moisture protecting your skin from the environment.  We have choices based on your specific needs for AM/PM use.  If you are looking for a simple and amazing beauty oil that can multi-task, try BLACK DIAMOND restore + protect oil!

Always remember, you may reach out to us for guidance regarding what products might be best for your skin and climate. We are happy to help.

Hydrating Body Products

It is important to use products with pure, clean and effective ingredients on your WHOLE body, not just your face.  Hydrated skin is stronger skin.  This is very important to remember as we age.  Keep in mind skin care is healthcare. 

Most people make a genuine effort to care for the skin on their face, but neglect the skin on their body.  This becomes apparent when your neck and hands tell your age, despite the effort to keep your face looking young.  PEAK 10 SKIN® has high quality products for your entire body.  We believe it is important to maintain proper hydration for all of your skin -- your largest organ.  We use some of the same ingredients that are in our facial products, in our body products!  If ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane are great for your face, these ingredients are also the best for your body to provide a healthy level of hydration, maintain optimum integrity of the skin and a more youthful appearance. 

Treat yourself to our luxurious line of body product that includes a luxury whipped body butter, hand cream, foot cream, lip products and Black Diamond restore + protect oil that can multi-task for your face, eye area, body, cuticles, lips or even your hair or beard!

Treatment Products

Products from this category are used routinely by estheticians in facials and can be used for skin maintenance at home as needed (usually 1-2x per week). 

SPF Sun Protection

It’s very important for all of us to wear SPF protection each day we are out and about it the sun.  We need protection to help prevent the ‘C’ word most of all, as well as protection to prevent visible sun damage and premature aging.  We have made it easy to incorporate SPF protection into your skin care routine.  sun JOY SPF 30 is a non-chemical sunscreen that "checks all the boxes" for a desirable sunscreen for both the face & body. Perfect for women, men and children. Fragrance free. Chemical free. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Reef safe. Cruelty free. Clean. Green. Vegan.