Collection: Treatment Products

Products from this category are used routinely by estheticians in facials and can be used for skin maintenance at home as needed (usually 1-2x per week).  
  • peak EXFOLIATION AHA pads exfoliate + brighten pads are an excellent way to exfoliate your skin for best results from your skin care products. (This product may not be for everyone, especially those with extremely sensitive skin or rosacea.)
  • OXYGEN revitalizing mask will benefit everyone, especially those in extreme climates, high altitudes, smokers, acne prone skin for a calming effect or anyone with dry, dehydrated skin who want a boost!
  • peak CLARIFYING mask + spot treatment | calm + purify will help manage acne prone skin by calming and controlling oil.  It can be used to spot treat any occasional break out, hormonal breakout and blackheads.

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