PEAK 10 SKIN® is a spa-inspired skin care brand with products that elevate skin health and hydration with pure, clean, effective ingredients.  PEAK 10 SKIN® is the newest skin care brand created by Connie Elder, an accomplished skin care executive, with a special gift for helping people love the skin they are in.

The skincare company is based the beautiful mountain town of Payson, Arizona, where natural beauty is abundant, but where weather and natural elements can prove harmful to the skin.  Living at 5,000 ft. elevation in the dry atmosphere of Payson, Connie continues to recognize the need for new formulas that treat daily issues of dry skin, maturing skin, acne and extreme climates.  Thus was born PEAK 10 SKIN® products which provides nourishment, hydration and protection from the elements wherever you live. It's elevated skincare!

Connie Elder

Founder of PEAK 10 SKIN®

Entrepreneur.  Women’s Wear designer, brand developer for skin care, QVC on-air spokesperson, and ambassador for caring, daring and sharing.


Connie Elder is an accomplished women’s wear designer, skincare executive,  QVC on-air  personality and author.  Connie has a special gift for helping people love the skin they are in.  A career that has spanned the medical, skincare and fashion industries has allowed her to develop a vision for brands that enhance a person's lifestyle. Connie has learned that most people want products that enrich their natural beauty and provide the very best quality at an affordable price.  This knowledge, her past experience and living in Payson AZ, have nurtured her newest skin care brand PEAK 10 SKIN.  The philosophy and quality behind the brand allows people of all ages to experience healthy, beautiful skin for the peak of life.

With two decades of experience in the medical field, Connie learned the basics of what contributes to overall health.   Positions with international skincare companies allowed her to understand the importance of using undiluted, active ingredient to create effective products.  In 2000, Connie put her experience and passion to work creating an innovative line of shapewear called LIPO IN A BOX. The brand successfully launched on QVC Shopping Channel in 2002, and was later featured on OPRAH Winfrey Show, The VIEW, Dr. OZ, The TODAY Show and in many national women’s magazines.

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The success of LIPO IN A BOX shapewear was followed by two additional brands - UNDEROLOGY Skincare and GO2BRAS.  All three brands developed by Connie have been sold on QVC, Amazon and through other retail outlets, since their introduction.  In late 2012 these brands were sold, and now Connie’s one focus is the PEAK 10 SKIN brand of skincare for face & body.

Connie’s passion for helping people was honed through her relationship with QVC customers as an on-air spokesperson since 2002.  What Connie heard from customers is a desire for skin care products that will effectively impact daily issues of aging skin, dryness, rosacea, acne, autoimmune disorders, etc.  She learned that most people want to feel confident in their own skin--healthy and vibrant skin.  Regarding aging Connie is often heard saying, "Remember...aging is the gift of life".

Connie is a strong contributor to the voice of women.   She is a frequent speaker and authored MY STYLE, MY LIFE, in 2011.  She is a passionate advocate for women’s safety and education.  She is a survivor of domestic abuse and is an advocate for self-sufficiency for all victims of abuse, no matter their age, sex or zip code.  She encourages everyone to always remain hopeful, safe and to enjoy their LIFE!

More About PEAK 10 SKIN

PEAK 10 SKIN® is elevated skincare. Our products contain high levels of active ingredients that are not diluted with lots of fillers.  Simply put, we give you more of the ‘good stuff’!  In order to achieve healthier, more hydrated and vibrant skin, you need products with ingredients that are known to be effective.  If those ingredients are diluted, the results will be as well. 

You will find our ingredients lists are unusually short, compared to many popular brands.  By keeping the list short, PEAK 10 SKIN® contains a higher percentage of ingredients proven to be effective like peptides, hyaluronic acid and many other active ingredients.

Our product offering provides choices and solutions for everyone based on your age, environment, skin condition, desired results and your daily commitment to skin care.

Our products are manufactured in the USA, in an ISO 22716 certified, cGMP compliant and FDA registered factory, under the highest quality standards.  They are never tested on animals, do not contain parabens and are gluten free.  Our company participates in recycling whenever possible and encourages you to do the same.

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