Sunscreen and Moisturizers:  Things to consider!

Sunscreen and Moisturizers: Things to consider!

Is moisturizer with SPF as good as sunscreen alone?

This depends on many factors.  What is the level of SPF in the moisturizer and how much exposure to the sun are you planning to have that day?  If you are briefly in and out of the sun with daily chores, the SPF in your moisturizer may be sufficient.   If you are planning a day of hiking, an afternoon watching your kids play baseball, or time on the beach, it would be best to use dedicated sunscreen with at least spf30 and be prepared to reapply.

Do you need both moisturizer and sunscreen?

This question depends of lots of variables, like your age, skin type, climate, what type of sunscreen.  Most sunscreens are simply that sunscreen, in a cream base formula.  It is important to be consistent with your skincare routine and then use sunscreen in addition to your normal skincare routine when you are going to be exposed to the sun.  With that said, there are many sunscreen formulas today that are formulated with lots of skin nourishing and hydrating benefits.   Another fact to consider is that many sunscreen active ingredients are drying.

How long should you wait to apply sunscreen after moisturizer?

You should be able to apply sunscreen as soon as your moisturizer has soaked into your skin.  If you are using a moisturizer that sits on top of your skin, consider a different moisturizer with ingredients that penetrate the skin well.

Is it okay to replace moisturizer with a sunscreen in the morning?

This would depend on the ingredients in your choice of sunscreen, your age, skin type and climate.  A thin layer of moisturizer (staying with your daily routine) and sunscreen layered on top would be best in most situations.


Do you put serum or sunscreen first?

Sunscreen should be last thing you apply when doing your skin care routine for optimum benefits of both the serum and sunscreen.  Depending on your sunscreen the beneficial ingredients in your serum may not be able to penetrate the sunscreen ingredients.

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