Rosacea:  How to minimize the appearance!

Rosacea: How to minimize the appearance!

“It can be challenging to minimize the appearance of rosacea.  Using gentle, yet effective cleansers and moisturizers that don’t irritate the skin further is very important.  Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane are naturally found in the skin.  These work nicely to keep the skin hydrated and calm.  Many find CBD serums help to calm the appearance of rosacea, as well.  Avoid ingredients like retinol, glycolic and scrubs of any kind.  These type products can irritate the skin and make the redness  more visible.  Find gentle cleansers and moisturizers at

As far as a topical product to reduce the appearance of rosacea Dan Read Cosmetics makes an amazing red neutralizer.  A little goes a long way to cover the redness.  You can use it with your current foundation, or I would recommend the foundation from Dan Read Cosmetics.  The coverage is amazing while not looking like you have a lot of makeup on.  It’s ability to last all day is key for someone with rosacea.  Dan Read Cosmetic foundations and correctives are organic, long lasting, as well as humidity and sweat proof!

Another great product for disguising rosacea is Laura Geller baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation.  It’s easy to use and provide nice coverage without irritating the skin of someone with rosacea.  Laura Geller Beauty supports the National Rosacea Society.


Be kind to your skin! Choose skincare and makeup based on ingredients!

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